What is Ramayana?

This is a very basic but complete version of Ramayana but very soon we will be coming up with a detailed & better version of this website.


Time of Ramayana

  1. Birth of Rama took place in 1331 BCE (last year of 24th Treta-Yuga)
  2. Rama-Ravana war, a.k.a. the Ramayana War, took place in 1299 BCE
  3. 'Lanka' of Ravana was not in Simhala-Dvipa / Ceylon (renamed 'Sri Lanka' only in 1972) but in Bansagar (M.P.)
  4. A Maha-Yuga/Chatur-Yuga is only of 120 years (Krita/Satya: 48 Yrs, Treta: 36 Yrs, Dvapara: 24 Yrs, Kali: 12 Yrs)
  5. India achieved its independence in 1947, the very first year of 52nd Maha-Yuga and 52nd Krita-Yuga. The present year of 2019 is the 25th Year (current) of 52nd Treta-Yuga
  6. All this, along with Mahabharata (827 BCE, last year of 28th Dvapara-Yuga) and Timeline of World History can be read freely in my book (ENGLISH Ver.HINDI Ver.). Print books also available @ Amazon Marketplace
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1. Bala Kanda 2. Ayodhya Kanda 3. Aranya Kanda
Bala Kanda Ayodhya Kanda Aranya Kanda
Background of Rama's Birth
Birth, Childhood & Education of Rama
Slaying of Forest Demons by Rama
Marriage of Rama with Princess Sita
Preparation for Rama's Coronation
Queen Kaikeyi asks King her boons - coronation of her son Bharata & Exile of Rama
Rama goes in exile for 14 years with Sita and Laxmana
Forest Life of Rama, Sita & Laxmana
Death of King Dashratha
Kidnapping of Sita by Ravana
Murder of Jatayu by Ravana

4. Kishkindha Kanda 5. Sundara Kanda 6. Yuddha Kanda
Kishkindha Kanda Sundara Kanda Yuddha Kanda
Rama & Laxmana setout in search of Sita
Hanuman greets Rama & Laxmana, takes them to his outsed king Sugriva
Rama befriends Sugriva, kills Baali & crowns Sugriva Monkey King
Monkey Army locates whereabouts of Sita
Rama, with Monkey Army, sets out for War
Hanuman flies to Lanka across the demon-infested ocean
Hanuman meets Sita, is captured by Ravana, escapes custody & sets Lanka on Fire with his burning tail
Monkey Army builds Bridge to Lanka
Rama crowns Vibhishana as King of Lanka
Rama kills Ravana after a long battle
Sita is rescued, undergoes fire test to prove her purity
Rama returns to Ayodhya & is crowned King

7. Uttara Kanda
Om Symbol Uttara Kanda Swasteek Symbol
Sita is banished by Rama, gives birth to twins Lava & Kusha
Twins capture Rama's sacrifice horse, fight Rama & regain their Kingdom
Sita is swallowed by Goddess Earth & Rama leaves the World