What is Ramayana?

This is a very basic but complete version of Ramayana but very soon we will be coming up with a detailed & better version of this website.


Chapter Title
1Rama, The Hero
2Dashratha's Desire
3Preparing for the Ceremony
4Dashratha's Premonition
5Festivities in Ayodhya
6Joy of Ayodhya City Residents
7The Wicked Servant Manthara
8Manthara's Sinful Counsel
9Manthara poisons Queen Kaikeyi's Mind
10Queen Kaikeyi enters the House of Wrath
11Queen Kaikeyi seeks Evil Boons from King Dashratha
12Dashratha's Reaction & Kaikeyi's Stubborness
13Dashratha's Grief & Anguish
14The Night Passes
15Sumantra Visits Rama's Chambers
16Jubilant City of Ayodhya
17Rama's Arrival at Royal Court
18Kaikeyi's Harsh Words
19Rama decides to leave for Forest
20Queen Kausalya's Grief
21Rama consoles Angry Lakshmana
22Rama Further Pacifies Lakshmana
23Lakshmana's Angry Words
24Rama obtains Queen Kausalya's Permission
25Queen Kausalya bids Farewell to Rama
26Rama lets Sita know of King's Wish
27Sita's Wishes to go to forest with Rama
28Rama warns Sita of Difficulties of Staying in Forest
29Sita's Insistence on going with Rama
30Rama agrees to take Sita with Him
31Lakshmana too is permitted to go to the forest
32Rama donates his Personal Wealth among Sages
33Rama Pays Respects to his Father at Departure
34Rama consoles King Dashratha
35Sumantra Rails at Queen Kaikeyi
36Siddhartha tries to persuade Queen Kaikeyi
37Queen Kaikeyi offers Tree Bark to Sita to Wear
38King Dashratha is Enraged
39Rama seeks Blessings of his Mother
40Rama's Departure from Ayodhya
41The Grief
42King Dashratha feels dejected
43Queen Kausalya's Lamentation
44Sumantra Assuages Kausalya's Grief
45Rama requests the citizens to return to Ayodhya
46Rama passes the Night on banks of Tamasa river
47Citizens of Ayodhya Rebuke Themselves
48Rama's Departure to the Forest
49Rama crosses Three Rivers
50Rama bids Final Farewell to Ayodhya
51Guha requests Lakshmana to take Rest
52Guha gets a Boat Ready
53Rama tries to send Lakshmana back to Ayodhya
54Hermitage of Sage Bharadwaja
55Sage Bharadwaja narrates the route of Chitrakuta
56The Chitrakuta Mountain
57Sumantra drives back to Ayodhya
58Sumantra delivers the Message of Rama to the King
59Dashratha falls Unconscious
60Sumantra unable to console Queen Kausalya
61Kausalya rebukes Dashratha for his Evil Act
62King Dashratha loses Consciousness
63King Dashratha narrates his Sin to Kausalya
64King Dashratha continues to Narrate to Kausalya
65King Dashratha Passes Away
66Queen Kausalya reproaches Queen Kaikeyi
67Brahmins urge Sage Vasishta to select the Next King
68Sage Vasishta Asks to call Bharata & Shatrughana
69Bharata has a Bad Dream
70Royal Messengers enter the city of Rajagriha
71Bharata reaches Ayodhya City
72Queen Kaikeyi informs Bharata about the death of Dashratha
73Bharata reproaches his mother Queen Kaikeyi Severely
74Bharata promises to bring Rama back to Ayodhya
75Bharata & Shatrughana visit Queen Kausalya's Palace
76Advice of Sage Vasishta to Bharata
77Bharata & Shatrughna grieve at Cremation Ground
78Shatrughna seizes Servant Manthara & threatens to Punish Her
79Elders request Bharata to take over Ayodhya Kingdom
80Construction of a Highway from Ayodhya to River Ganga
81Bharata enters the Royal Court with Shatrughna
82Bharata refuses to rob the throne from Rama
83Bharata goes to see Rama
84Guha welcomes Bharata with Meat & Honey
85Bharata thanks Guha for his Hospitality
86Guha narrates Bharata about Rama's Stay
87Guha reports further details of Rama
88Bharata approaches the foot of Angudi Tree
89Bharata asks Guha to be ferried across the River
90Bharata proceeds to see Sage Bharadwaja
91Sage Bharadwaja arranges a befitting hospitality to Bharata
92Bharata approaches Sage Bharadwaja
93Bharata & his army reach Chitrakuta Mountain
94Rama shows the captivating scenery of Chitrakuta to Sita
95Rama & Sita spend time at Mandakini River
96Rama hears the Great Commotion of an Approaching Army
97Rama pacifies Lakshmana, who is angry with Bharata
98Bharata continues his search for Rama's Hermitage
99Bharata beholds Rama's Hermitage & Approaches
100Rama Enquires after King Dashratha's Welfare
101Bharata informs Rama about Dashratha's Death
102Bharata requests Rama to return to Ayodhya
103Rama Faints on hearing the News of King Dashratha's Death
104Sage Vasishta Advances to the hermitage of Rama
105Bharata requests Rama to accept the Kingdom
106Bharata reasons with Rama to accept the Throne
107Rama tells Bharata about Dashratha's promise of Kingdom
108Jabali tries to persuade Rama to accept the Kingdom
109Rama refutes the atheistic arguments of Jabali
110Vasishta gives details of the creation of the world to Rama
111Vashishta urges Rama to grant the prayer of Bharata
112The sages requests Bharata to accept Rama's words
113Keeping Rama's sandals on his head, Bharata ascends his Chariot
114Bharata enters Ayodhya City
115Bharata expresses Desire to Proceed to Nandigrama Village
116Rama notices Anxiety in Sages living in his Vicinity
117Rama decides to leave Chitrakuta Mountain
118Lady Anusuya instructs Sita on Duties of a Devoted Wife
119Sita shows the Gifts from Lady Anusuya to Rama