What is Ramayana?

This is a very basic but complete version of Ramayana but very soon we will be coming up with a detailed & better version of this website.


Chapter Title
1Narada briefs Valmiki about Rama & Ramayana
2Valmiki is Divinely Inspired to record Ramayana
3Valmiki is Divinely Inspired to record Ramayana - Contd
4Lava & Kusha sing Ramayana in Ayodhya; Rama hears it
5Description of Ayodhya City
6Splendour of Ayodhya City
7High Nature of King Dashrath's Ministers
8King Dashratha contemplates Vedic Ritual for Progeny
9Legend of Sage RishyaSringa
10RishyaSringa brought out from his Hermitage
11Dashratha brings RishyaSringa to Ayodhya
12Dashratha prepares to perform Ashvamedha Ritual
13Ashvamedha begins; Sage Vashista's Arrangements
14Ashvamedha commenced as preamble to PutraKameshti Ritual
15Rishyashringa officiates PutraKameshti Ritual for Dashratha
16Yajna Purusha presents Divine Dessert as fruit of Ritual
17Brahma orders Gods to spawn forest-rangers, Vanaras
18Brothers Rama, Bharata, Lakshmana & Shatrughana are Born
19Sage Vishvamitra's arrives & asks for Rama as Ritual Guard
20Dashratha's dissent to spare Rama's Services
21Sage Vishvamitra gets Angry; Vashishtha appeases Dashratha
22Rama & Lakshmana travel with Vishvamitra to his Hermitage
23Their Visit to the Confluence of Ganga & Saryu Rivers
24Legend of Demoness Tadaka
25Legend of Demoness Tadaka - Contd
26Killing of Demoness Tadaka
27Vishvamitra endows Rama with Supernatural Missiles
28Vishvamitra teaches Rama about recalling Missiles
29Narration of Lord Vamana's Legend
30Narration of Siddha Ashrama Hermitage
31Rama safeguards Vishvamitra's vedic ritual
32Rama's avel to Mithila City
33Legend of Brahmadutta
34Legend of Vishvamitra's Ancestry
35Legend of River Ganga
36Legend of Goddess Uma & her Curse
37Legend of Goddess Uma's son Kartikeya
38Legend of King Sagara
39King Sagara's sons dig inside Earth in search of Ritual Horse
40Sage kapila burns the Sixy Thousand Sons of Sagara
41Sagara's Grandson Amshuman searches for the Ritual Horse
42King Bhagiratha's penance to bring Divine River Ganga to Earth
43River Ganga's Descent onto Earth
44Brahma commends Bhagiratha
45Legend of churning of Milk Ocean
46Lady Diti seeks a son to kill Indra, the King of Gods
47Legend of Seven Maruts, the Wind Gods
48Legend of Lady Ahalya
49Redemption of Ahalya from her Curse
50Redemption of Ahalya from her Curse Contd