What is Ramayana?

This is a very basic but complete version of Ramayana but very soon we will be coming up with a detailed & better version of this website.


Chapter Title
1Rama Enters Dandaka Forest
2Confrontation with Viraadha
3Viradha attacks Rama & Lakshmana
4Curse of Viradha
5Hermitage of Sage SharaBhanga
6Approach of Sages & Hermits
7Hermitage of Sage Suteekshna
8Dialogue with Sage Suteekshna
9Sita concerned about Rama's vow to kill demons
10Rama's reply to Sita
11Stories of Sage Mandakarani & Sage Agastya
12Entering the hermitage of Sage Agastya
13Sage Agastya directs Rama to Panchavati
14Rama's Contact with Jatayu
15Rama & Lakshmana at Panchavati
16Lakshmana's description of Vasanta - the Flowering Season
17Demoness Surpanakha's entry into legend
18Lakshmana Chops off Surpanakha's Nose
19Surpanakha asks her Step-brother Khara for Help
20Rama kills Demons sent by Khara
21Surpanakha reports demon deaths to Khara
22Khara's army marches to Rama
23Khara's Armymen notice Bad Omens
24Rama's Readiness on War with Khara
25Rama's War with Khara's Demon Army
26Rama Kills Dushana & his Demon Army
27Killing of Demoness Trishira
28Demon Khara's War with Rama
29Demon Khara's fight with Rama
30Killing of Demon Khara
31Akampana's Report to Demon King Ravana
32Demon King Ravana's Pomp & Pride
33Shurpanakha accuses Demon King Ravana
34Surpanakha incites Demon King Ravana to kidnap & marry Sita
35Ravana proceeds to meet Mareecha
36Ravana seeks Mareecha's Help
37Maareecha's Advise to Ravana
38Maareecha's Good Words to Ravana
39Maareecha further advises Ravana
40Ravana rebuts Maareecha
41Maareecha dissuades Ravana
42Maareecha turns into Golden Deer
43Lure of the Golden Deer
44Rama kills Maareecha
45Sita rebukes Lakshmana
46Ravana praises Sita's beauty
47The debate of Sita & Ravana is started,
48Ravana tempts Sita
49Sita's abduction takes place now
50Jataayu's confrontation with Ravana
51The combat of Jataayu & Ravana
52The combat of Jataayu & Ravana
53Sita denounces Ravana's misdeeds
54Sita drops jewellery at Sugreeva
55Ravana entices Sita to marry him
56Sita reprimands Ravana
57Rama meets Lakshmana
58Rama anguishes for Sita's aloneness
59Rama reprimands Lakshmana
60Rama laments at Separation with Sita
61Rama laments at Separation with Sita - Contd. 1
62Rama laments at Separation with Sita - Contd. 2
63Rama laments at Separation with Sita - Contd. 3
64Rama finds Sita's Flowers & Jewellery
65Lakshmana pacifies Rama's Fury
66Lakshmana's advisory words to Rama
67Rama spots wing clipped Bird-King Jataayu
68Bird-King Jataayu informs Rama about Ravana & Dies
69Demon Kabandha captures Rama, Lakshmana
70Demon Kabandha's overlong Arms are Cut-off
71Demon Kabandha Requests for Incineration
72Kabandha advises Rama to meet Sugreeva
73Kabandha extols Pampa Lake
74Shabari gets Salvation
75Rama & Lakshmana arrive at Pampa Lake