What is Ramayana?

This is a very basic but complete version of Ramayana but very soon we will be coming up with a detailed & better version of this website.


Chapter Title
1Rama at Pampa Lake Lamenting for Sita
2The fearless Monkey Hanumana
3Hanumana meets Rama
4Lakshmana's Narration to Hanumana
5Oath of Friendship
6Sugreeva's narration of the Abduction of Sita
7Friendly Discourse
8Tale of Enmity between Monkey Brothers Vali & Sugreeva
9Strength of Vali
10Banishment of Sugreeva by Vali
11The Incident of Dundubhi
12The Initial Challenge
13Saptajana Hermitage
14Second Challenge
15Wife Tara's Advice to Vali to Avoid Fight
16Sugreeva's Second Fight & Vali's Falling Down
17Vali's questions Rama's Propriety
18Rama's Elucidation of Dharma to Vali
19Tara's Arrival at Vali's Side in Battlefield
20Tara laments Vali's Imminent Death
21Hanumana consoles Tara
22Vali's death-time Advice
23Tara laments at Death of Vali
24Tara Sugreeva's resolve to die with Vali
25Vali's Funeral Ritual
26Sugreeva's Coronation as Monkey King
27Rama at Mount Prasavana
28Eulogy on Rainy Season
29Hanumana's Advice to Sugreeva
30Autumn Eulogised
31Lakshmana's Fury at Delay by Sugreeva
32Hanumana's advice to Sugreeva
33Lakshmana's Fury, Tara's pacifying
34Lakshmana upbraids Sugreeva
35Tara appeases Lakshmana
36Sugreeva's Apology pacifies Lakshmana
37Monkey Chiefs depart in all Directions
38Sugreeva approaches Rama
39Rama mildly admonishes Sugreeva
40Sugreeva orders Eastside Search
41Sugreeva sends Monkey Troops in South Direction
42Sugreeva sends Monkey Troops in West Direction
43Sugreeva sends Monkey Troops in North Direction
44Rama gives his Ring to Hanumana
45The War Cries of Monkey Troops
46Sugreeva's Knowledge of Physical World
47Search for Sita Fails in East, North, & West Directions
48Hanumana's search for Sita in South
49Angada Encourages all Monkeys
50Search conducted by Monkeys in Riksha Cave
51The legend of Black Cave Riksha
52Vanaras Deliverance from Black Cave Riksha
53Angada proposes Fast unto Death on failure to locate Sita
54Hanumana advises Angada
55Monkeys decide to Fast unto Death
56Sampaati hears of Jataayu's Death
57Angada informs their plight to Sampaati
58Sampaati informs Angada about Sita
59Sampaati details Angada about Sita
60Sampaati narrates his Legend
61Sampaati narrates his Legend - Contd. 1
62Sampaati narrates his Legend - Contd. 2
63Sampaati grows New Wings & Flies Away
64Monkey Troops Arrive at Southern Seashore
65Monkeys fear to jump across the Ocean
66Legend of Hanumana's Birth
67Hanumana remembers his forgotten strength to jump the Ocean