What is Ramayana?

This is a very basic but complete version of Ramayana but very soon we will be coming up with a detailed & better version of this website.


Chapter Title
1Rama appreciates Hanumana & Embraces Him
2Sugreeva comforts Rama
3Rama requests Hanumana to describe Lanka in Detail
4Rama fixes an Auspicious Hour for Departure of Army
5Rama Recollects the Lotus-eyed Sita
6Ravana calls a meeting of his Ministers
7The Demons inspire Ravana
8All Demons Eulogise their Strengths
9Vibhishana speaks Words of Morality
10Vibhishana advises Ravana to restore Sita to Rama
11Ravana goes again to the Royal Assembly
12Ravana instructs Prahasta to defend Lanka
13Mahaparsva's advise to Ravana
14Vibhishana informs about the Power of Rama's Arrows
15Indrajit criticizes Vibhishana
16Ravana refuses to hear the Words of Vibhishana
17Vibhishana reaches Rama's Place
18Vibhishana joins as an Associate on Rama's Side
19Vibhishana seeks Refuge at the Feet of Rama
20Ravana sends Shuka to Sugreeva as an Ambassador
21Rama becomes angry at the Ocean
22Sea-god advices Rama with joined palms to build a Bridge
23Rama explains to Lakshmana the various Portents
24Rama orders the Release of Suka
25Suka explains the Strength of the Rama's Army to Ravana
26Ravana enquires about the various Monkey Leaders
27Sharana describes the individual strength of the Army
28Shuka enumerates the Enemies
29Ravana reprimands Shuka & Sarana
30Ravana dispatches Sardula the Demon-spy
31Rama enters Lanka at Suvela Mountain
32Sita sees the Illusory Severed Head of Rama & his Bow
33Sarama restores confidence to Sita
34Sarama consoles Sita
35Sita asks Sarama about Ravana's Decision
36Ravana abuses Malyavan
37Vibhishana sends spies into Lanka
38Rama decides to stay on Suvela Mountain
39Rama & others see the charming garden on Suvela Mountain
40On seeing Ravana Sugreeva bounces on him
41Rama sends Angada to Ravana
42Ravana commands his Army to commence War
43The duels arose between the Monkey Army & Demon Army
44Indrajit comes back to battlefield in an Invisible Form
45Rama & Lakshmana Faint in Battle
46Ravana applauds his son for his Bravery
47Sita's anguish about Rama & Lakshmana
48Trijata reassures Sita
49Vibhishana approaches Rama
50King of Birds Garuda Appears
51Dhumraksha enters the Battlefield
52Dhumraksha along with his Army attacks Rama's Army
53Ravana sends Vajradamstra
54Vajradamstra shows terror among the Monkeys
55Ravana sends Akampana
56Akampana enters the Battlefield
57Ravana asks Prahasta to go to the Battlefield
58Vibhishana explains the Prowess of Prahasta
59Ravana Himself appears on the Battlefield
60Ravana sends demons to wake up Kumbhakarna
61Rama enquires about Kumbhakarna
62Kumbhakarna enters the abode of Ravana
63Kumbhakarna reassures Ravana
64Ravana advises Kumbhakarna
65Kumbhakarna rebukes Mahodara
66Angada reassures the Monkeys to return to Battlefield
67Kumbhakarna is Slain in Battle
68Ravana's grief over the Death of Kumbhakarna
69Death of Narantaka
70Hanumana kills Trishira
71Lakshmana kills Atikaya
72Ravana's Grief at Atikaya's Death
73Rama & Lakshmana fall Unconscious
74Hanumana's Journey to Himalayas to retrive Herbs
75The battle Resumes
76Sugreeva kills Kumbha
77Kumbhakarna's brother Nikumbha faces the Battle
78Ravana orders Makaraksha
79Makaraksha challenges Rama to Fight with Him
80Ravana instructs Indrajit to enter the Battle
81Indrajit places Illusory Live Image of Sita
82Hanumana Leads the Monkey Army
83Sita's Illusory Image Killed by Indrajit
84Vibhishana tells the Secret of conjuring Trick
85Rama sends Lakshmana to kill Indrajit
86Indrajit enters the Battlefiled Again
87Indrajit's Harsh Words to Vibhishana
88Fierce Battle between Lakshmana & Indrajit
89Vibhishana destroys many Demons
90Indrajit's Horse is Killed
91Lakshmana & others are treated by Physician Sushena
92Ravana is distressed at his Son's Death
93Rama destroys many Demon Troops
94Demonesses lament at the death of their Kith & Kin
95Ravana fights fiercely with Monkey Army
96Sugreeva kills Demon Virupaksha
97Sugreeva kills Demon Mahodara
98Angada kills Demon Mahaparsva
99Battle between Rama & Ravana
100Ravana runs away from the Battlefield
101Hanumana Returns with Entire Mountain of Life-giving Herbs
102Ravana is Severely Hurt
103Ravana's Charioteer carries away Ravana
104Ravana reapproaches the Battlefield
105Sage Agastya gives Advice & Mantra to Rama
106Rama speaks to Gods' Charioteer Matali
107Rama & Ravana fight a Fierce Battle
108Rama kills Ravana by an Arrow to his Navel
109Rama directs Vibhishana to perform Death Rites of Ravana
110Consorts of Ravana lament at his Death
111Demon Queen Madodari Laments on Ravana's Death
112Vibhishana is crowned Demon-King by Rama
113Hanumana informs Sita about Rama's Victory
114Vibhishana brings Sita to Rama
115Rama disowns her & Asks Her to Seek Shelter Elsewhere
116Sita's Taunting Reply to Rama
117Gods reach Lanka & approach Rama
118Fire-god Appears in person & Avows Purity of Sita
119Lord Shiva informs Rama about his Father Dashratha
120King of Gods Indra Grants Boon to Rama
121Rama Prepares to Leave for Ayodhya
122Rama with Lakshmana & Sita Ascend the Aerial Car Pushpaka
123Rama shows to Sita all Places of his Journey
124Rama stops at Sage Bharadwaja Hermitage
125Hanumana informs Bharata about Rama’s Return
126Hanumana Recounts to Bharata about Rama in the Forest
127Bharata commands for the Reception of Rama in the City of Ayodhya
128Rama is crowned King of Ayodhya