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Yuddha Kanda, Chapter 70

Hanumana kills Trishira

Seeing Narantaka dying, Devantaka, Trishira and Mahodara the son of Pulastya the foremost of demons, wept.

Mounting an excellent elephant, resembling a cloud, Mahodara hurrily attacked Angada of great energy.

The strong Devantaka, tormented at his brother's calamity, then taking a terrific iron rod, ran towards Angada.

Thereupon, the valiant Trishira, mounting a chariot resembling the sun and yoked with excellent horses, marched towards Angada.

That Angada, being attacked by the three chief demons, who were capable of smashing the pride of celestials, uplifted a tree with its large boughs.

The valiant Angada hurled that large tree with big branches quickly on Devantaka as Indra the lord of celestials would a blazing thunderbolt.

Trishira chopped off that tree with arrows looking like serpents. Seeing the tree chopped off, that Angada then sprang up.

Thereupon, that foremost of monkeys streamed forth trees and rocks. The enraged Trishara chopped them off with his sharp arrows.

That Mahodra broke those trees with the tip of his club. Trishira too with his arrows attacked the valiant Angada.

Marching ahead quickly towards Angada on an elephant, the enraged Mahodara struck on his chest with javelins looking like thunderbolts.

Then, the enraged Devantaka with a speed, approached Angada, struck him quickly with a club and went off to a distance.

Eventhough attacked at the same time by those three foremost of demons, that Angada of great prowess and splendour, did not get alarmed.

The speedy and quite unconquerable Angada, acting with a great swiftness and attacking well, struck Devantaka's elephant with his palm.

By that blow of Angada in battle, the eyes of that royal elephant fell down and that elephant died.

Pulling out a tusk of that elephant in battle, the mighty Angada ran towards Devantaka quickly and struck him.

That energetic Devantaka swayed to and fro in disorder, like a tree being tossed up by the wind and emitted plenty of blood with the colour of a lacquer.

Thereafter, the strong Devantaka of great splendour, recovering his breath with a great difficulty, then struck Angada violently, by firmly holding an iron rod.

Then, Angada the son of king Vali, struck by the iron rod, fell down on his knees on the earth, but again jumped up.

While Angada, the son of Vali was jumping up, Trishira struck him with three terrific and straight-going arrows on his forehead.

Noticing Angada being surrounded by the three demon-warriors, Hanumana and Neela went there.

Thereupon, Neela then hurled a mountain-peak on Trishira. The intelligent Trishira the son of Ravana broke it by using his sharp arrows.

That mountain-peak, broken into pieces by a multitude of arrows, with its split up rocks, fell down with sparks of fire and flames.

Seeing Hanumana rushing with enthusiasm in the battle-front, that strong Devantaka ran towards him with his iron rod.

Then, Hanumana the foremost of monkeys, while jumping up, struck on the head of Devantaka rushing upon him with his fist equal to a thunder-bolt.

Then, the valiant and the strong Hanumana struck him on his head. That great ape made the demons shake with the sound.

That Devantaka, the son of Ravana, with his head crushed and broken by the blow of the fist, with his teeth and eyes coming out and with his tongue hanging down, swiftly fell down dead on the earth.

When that Devantaka the mighty chief of demon-warriors and the enemy of celestials was killed in battle, the enraged Trishira showered a terrible rain of sharp-pointed arrows on Neela's chest.

Again mounting an elephant resembling a mountain, as the sun mounting Mandara Mountain, that enraged Mahodara on his part, caused rain of arrows to fall quickly on Neela, like rumbling cloud with a circle of lightning, showers rain on a mountain.

Thereupon, by the rain of a multitude of arrows, the body of Neela the commander of the army of monkeys became blown up. Thus the mighty Mahodara then made his loosened limbs paralyzed.

After regaining consciousness, Neela uplifted a mountain consisting of a number of trees and then jumping up with a great speed, struck with it on the head of Mahodara.

That Mahodara, then shattered by the fall of that mountain and crushed by that large elephant too, lost his life and fell down on the earth like a mountain struck by a thunderbolt.

Seeing Mahodara his young paternal uncle killed. Trishira was enraged seized hold of his bow and struck Hanumana with sharp arrows.

While that enraged Hanumana hurled a mountain-peak, the strong Trishira broke it into several pieces with his sharp arrows.

Seeing that mountain-peak becoming useless, Hanumana then hurled a volley of trees towards Trishira in that battle-field.

The valiant Trishira chopped off that volley of trees descending on him, with his sharp arrows in the sky itself and roared aloud.

Then, the enraged Hanumana on his part, bouncing up, tore asunder with his nails, Trishira's horse, as a lion tears asunder a large elephant.

Thereupon, Trishira the son of Ravana seizing hold of a spear, as Yama the lord of death takes in his service Kalaratri, a night of all-destroying time, hurled it on Hanuma.

Capturing that spear coming like a meteor in the sky, Hanumana the foremost of monkeys broke it, even without its descending on him and roared too.

Seeing that spear of a terrific form broken up by Hanumana, the monkey-troops were very much delighted and roared aloud like rumbling clouds.

Thereupon, lifting up a sword, Trishira the foremost of demons them dug it into Hanumana's breast.

Hurt by the thrust of the sword, the valiant Hanumana the son of wind-god, struck Trishira on his breast, with his palm.

Struck by Hanumana's palm, that Trishira of great splendour fell down unconscious on the earth with the weapons slipping from his hand.

Hanumana, that large ape, equal to a mountain in size, snatching away that falling sword of Trishira, roared loudly frightening all the demons there.

Unable to bear that roar, the demon jumped up and struck Hanumana with his fist.

Enraged as he was by the blow of Trishiras's fist, Hanumana seized hold of Trishira the foremost of demons by his head covered by his diadem.

That enraged Hanumana the son of wind-god chopped off with that sharp sword, his three heads furnished with diadems and ear-rings, like Indra the lord of celestials chopped off the heads of Vishvarupa the son of Tvashta.

Those mountain-like heads of Trishira the enemy of Indra, having longish organs of senses and having fire-like blazing eyes, fell down on earth, as planets and stars drop from the track of the sun.

When that Trishira, the enemy of celestials, having a prowess equal to that of Indra was killed, the monkeys made a loud noise. The earth trembled. Then, the demons ran away everywhere. Seeing Trishira, Mahodara and the invincible Devantaka killed, Matta (Mahaparshva) was enraged with indignation.

Then, Mahaparshva was holding a large mace, which was resplendent, completely made of iron, wound round with golden wires, filled with a froth of flesh and blood, satiated with the blood enemies, the upper most part of which was blazing with splendour, decked with red coloured garlands and which frightened the elephants supporting the quarters like Airavata, Mahapadma and Sarvabhauma.

Taking that mace, the enraged Matta, the foremost of demons, went quickly to the monkeys like the blazing fire at the end of the world.

Then, a strong monkey called Rishabha came jumping and stood in front of that Mattanika (Mahaparshva), the younger brother of Ravana.

Enraged in seeing that Rishabha, looking like a mountain, standing before him, Mahaparshva struck him upon his breast with a mace equaling a thunderbolt.

When he struck with his mace, the breast of that Rishabha the foremost of demons was broken. He then trembled and exuded blood profusely.

That Rishabha, the supreme monkey regained his consciousness after a long while and enraged as he was with his lips quivering, looked towards Mahaparshva.

That Rishabha, the supreme monkey regained his consciousness after a long while and enraged as he was with his lips quivering, looked towards Mahaparshva.

With his body drenched in blood, that Mahaparshva suddenly fell unconscious on the ground, like a tree with its root cut off. Then, taking quickly Mahaparshva's mace, which was looking like Yama's rod, he roared loudly.

Mahaparshva remained as though he was dead for a while. Springing suddenly after regaining his consciousness, that demon, whose colour resembled his consciousness, that demon, whose colour resembled an evening cloud, struck that Rishabha, the son of Varuna the lord of waters.

That Rishabha fell unconscious for a while on the ground. Rising after regaining consciousness and tightly holding just the same mace, which was looking like a large mountain-peak, banged it on Mahapatra in the battle-field.

That terrific mace, reaching the body of Mahaparshva, the fierce demon, the enemy of celestials, sacrificial rites and Brahmanas, broke his chest. Mahaparshva started exuding copious blood, as a supreme mountain exudes water full of minerals.

The great souled Rishabha quickly ran towards the mace of that mighty Mahaparshva. Seizing that dreadful mace and striking it repeatedly on the floor, he struck it on Mahaparshva in the battle-front.

Struck by his own mace, that Mahaparshva with his teeth and eyes fallen out, fell down like a mountain struck by a thunderbolt.

When that demon depleted his strength, burst open his eyes, with his long life gone away and fallen down on the ground, the army of demons ran away.

When that Mahaparshva was killed, that army of demons, which was as extensive as an ocean, abandoning their weapons in the battle-field, fled for mere lives, like a sea which has burst its shores.