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Sundara Kanda, Chapter 16

Hanumana's Grief at Plight of Sita

The best among vanaras praising that Sita who is fit to be praised, and also praising Sri Rama pleasing with His virtues, became immersed in thought again.

That Hanumana the radiant one thinking for a moment, cried about Sita and became with eyes tormented with tears.

"Respectable to Lakshmana, instructed by teachers, Sita is also dear to teachers; if She is stricken with grief, destiny is indeed difficult to withstand."

"Knowing the effort of Sri Rama and of sagacious Lakshmana, Sita is not worried a lot, like Ganga in the rainy season."

"Sri Rama is suited to Sita with Her well matched character, age and conduct; with well matched pedigree and characteristics this black-eyed Sita is also suited to Him."

Seeing that Sita with the radiance of new gold, like the goddess Laksmi, delightful to the world, Hanumana went by heart to Sri Rama spoke these words also.

"For the sake of this Sita, the wide eyed one, Vali of great strength has been killed, Kabanda also equalling Ravana in strength has been felled."

"In the forest during war Virada of horrible prowess has been killed by Rama by valour, like Sambara by Mahendra."

"At Janastaana fourteen thousands of rakshasas of terrible deed have been killed by arrows equalling tongues of fires."

"By Rama with a famed mind, Khara has been killed, Trisira also has been fell down, Duushana with great glory also has been killed in war."

"For Her sake Sugreeva obtained wealth of vanaras ruled by Vali difficult to be obtained and worshiped by the world."

"For the sake of Her, with wide eyes, the ocean, lord of rivers and streams, has been crossed by me; this city also has been explored."

"If Sri Rama for Her sake turns upside down the earth with the ocean at the end, and the entire universe it is fair, this is my opinion."

"Among three worlds, if it is a choice between kingdom or Sita, the daughter of Janaka, all the kingdom of three worlds will not approach a sixteenth part of Sita."

"This She is that Sita, the daughter of king Janaka of Mithila, the great soul, and noble one with a firm resolution towards husband."

"While a field was being ploughed She rose up splitting the earth covered by auspicious dust of field equalling pollen."

"She is the famed eldest daughter-in-law of king Dasaratha the valorous one, not turning back in the battle."

"This She the dear wife of Rama the righteous one, grateful one, knower of Self has obtained capture of demonesses."

"Whoever Sita abandoning all comforts, forced by the love towards husband not thinking about sorrows, entering forest unpopulated with humans, being happy with fruits and roots, devoted to the service of Her husband, even in forest is getting great happiness like in a palace, the one with golden limbs, always with a smiling talk, not suited to misfortunes - that this Sita is bearing all this suffering."

"Sri Rama likes to see this Sita who is endowed with excellent character and tormented by Ravana, like a thirsty one for a place where water is available freely."

"By Her gain again Sri Rama definitely will get happiness like a king who lost kingdom getting back the land."

"Left by coveted enjoyments, lacking relatives also Sita is keeping body desirous of meeting with Sri Rama."

"She is not seeing demonesses, not flowers, fruits or trees and with a single heart is meditating only on Sri Rama - this is sure."

"Husband is indeed the greatest adornment for a woman greater than jewellery; this Sita though deserving of decoration, is not looking charming without Sri Rama."

"Sri Rama although bereft of Her that Lord Rama is doing an impossible task by retaining His body and not being depressed by sorrow."

"Knowing Her with black ended hairs, with lotus like eyes, deserving of comforts, and in sorrow, my mind also is gloomy."

"Whoever Sita with earth-like patience, with eyes resembling lotuses, was protected by Sri Rama and Lakshmana, that Sita now is being guarded by ogresses with crooked eyes at the base of a tree."

"With lost glory like a lotus plant hit by snow, being tormented by a series of calamities, Sita obtained a pitiable condition like a chakravaka bird without a companion."

"Ashoka trees with bent branches due to flowers are giving rise to gloom a lot to Her; Due to melting of snow the risen up moon also with thousands of rays is causing grief."

The mighty one, the best among vanaras, quick one, Hanumana thus observed the subject: "This is Sita!" - thus with a firm mind sat at that tree, leaning against it.